No Transformer is complete without some cool weapons. I issued Steelskin the standard array of weaponry: Gun, Missile Launcher, and 3 missiles. Everything had to be made from scratch for this part of the project.

The first weapon I completed was his gun, later named his "Energy Return Rifle." I started with finding something that would fit properly into his hands, which happened to be a lightly sanded piece of model kit "tree" (The stuff that model parts come attached to when they're fresh out of the box). I had at one time bought some of the white plastic in 4.8mm square stick form, which worked very well for the DeLorean's lower black panels. The first pic shows the two pieces of the plastic I started with. Next is the partially completed gun - note the hollowed out barrel. Third and Fourth pics are of the completed gun. I made the figure's colors and stickers silver, black, white, and red so I thought his weapons should be the same.

This rocket launcher signifies my mastery of the white plastic. In one single night I completed a WORKING missile launcher from sketches made the day before. I was just so certain it would work and I made it so. This was the only part of the project I sketched out specific plans for ahead of time. The pictures show the progression of the project, and it's pretty self-explanatory except for the barrel of the gun, where I actually had to bore out a 3/4 inch piece of the white plastic stick that I used for the other gun. That took quite a while and several tries. The gun was made to have two handles, one for hand-held encounters and both serve to stabilize the shoulder mount. The gun fires an average of 3-4 feet, with the farthest so far being about 5.5 feet. Blows my mind that I could make this from scratch.
On a side note, sometime during all this I moved rooms within the new house, and the room I got stuck with was this horrible "pink room." EVERYTHING in the room was carnation pink, including the GOLD FLAKED PINK LINOLEUM DESKTOP seen behind the first few images. The house we moved into was like 40 years old and I guess at one time some little girl lived in there, and whoa did she like pink. We got permission to paint the upper half of the room white, but you just can't paint the countertops so they remained pink. UGH!! Moving on...

The missiles were really no big deal. They are pretty small, a little bigger than Blitzwing's or the Omnibot Camshaft's. I made them from a chrome model parts "tree" and the warheads were from some old plane model which never turned out. Cut-paste-paint. I had made these missiles way back in May or so, and I finished the launcher for them in November. My main concern when making the missiles and the figure is that I wanted them to be able to be stowed on the figure when not in use. Not sure about you, but my favorite TFs as a kid and now are the ones that can hold ALL their equipment when in robot form. I designed a 3 missile storage rack inside the hood so when he's in robot form you (well, me anyway) can open his chest a bit and grab another missile.