This page will be for anything that comes along and fills it. If you fans out there send me stuff, I'll consider posting it here. This includes fan fiction that incorporates Steelskin, pictures, etc. I will also put information on my trips to Botcons here. (Last Update: 4/03)

Fan Fiction

Ok, so a LONG time ago now this guy Eric Jones wrote a cool fanfic involving Steelskin, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Windcharger, and I feel horrible that it took so long to get it posted. I enjoyed reading it, and appreciate the efforts for sure. Here I've created something that someone enjoyed so much that they wrote a story about it! Click Here To read one fan's tale of Steelskin's origins (not quite what I had envisioned but I enjoy it all the same). I will add illustrations in the near future.

Botcon 2000

Botcon 2000 was my first one, and it was a blast for sure. Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was working on Steelskin at this time, and I got really inspired after seeing the art contest there. I figured I could come back next year and give them a run for their money. I got to meet my friend Tommy (the one who got me interested in TF's again) for the first time there, and we had a great time. 3 24-hour video rooms, and more TF toys than I had ever seen at one time. Plus we got to see Transformers: The Movie in a nice old theatre on a huge screen. I left BC2000 more excited about Transformers than when I arrived. (I'm the guy on the right)

Botcon 2001

I had about 3500 hits on the counter when I left for Botcon 2001, Steelskin in tow. I made a T-shirt of my website and wore it at the convention. I got plenty of handshakes and lots of "You're that guy who built that DeLorean Transformer!" It felt pretty great. I got real nervous setting Steelskin up at the art contest, and my hands were shaking so hard I nearly ripped him apart. I won first prize in the 3D sculpture category, and I was awarded $50 for my efforts! I think that is more than it cost to build him in the first place. The Hasbro reps didn't stay long enough for me to talk with them, but maybe next year.

Botcon 2002

Back to Fort Wayne for another Transformers weekend at Botcon! I look forward to this trip every year even more. I roomed with my bud Tommy again this year, and it's so cool to see who you're talking with over the internet once in a while! I brought Steelskin again this year, and also the animated commercial plus a 45-second "making of" documentary compilation, which shows some of the unfinished scenes looped in order of the commercial. I wanted to show how much work went into that commercial and I hope it got the point across. Trent Troop was the only other video entry with his awesome computer animated music videos, and let's face it there's just no comparing what we did; they're totally different. So I think we both won for different categories. Steelskin himself got 2nd place this year, not too bad for a second year entry. Still, no Hasbro rep or magazine coverage. Am I on some kind of black list? Anticipation of Armada was extremely high this year, and we got quite the treat in seeing the product line for 2002-3. At the end of the convention I met another Tucson Transformers fan Crazysteve whom I've seen posting on Funny how I met him several thousand miles away and yet he lived pretty close by in my own town. I stayed so long to hear the results of the art contest that I ended up missing my plane back home, and had to stay in Pittsburgh overnight. Oh well, I had spare time to check out my Botcon toy haul!
By some grand oversight I forgot my camera, so I took these off of other people's sites right after Botcon. I emailed the sites for permission but heard no reply so I figure it's ok to use 'em. To this moment, these are the only photos of Steelskin I've found outside of my site not taken by me!


I got married to the girlfriend that I mention a few times on this website on January 24, 2003 at the Manning House in Tucson. It was a beautiful small ceremony with family and a few old friends. Everything went well, a tribute to good planning. A lot has happened since 2001 when this site went up, and just in case anyone reading my life's ramblings between Steelskin construction pictures actually cares, now you know where that relationship went!

Botcon 2003

I got time off from work and hotel reservations, so I'm pretty darn sure I'm going!