Here are some of the little details that didn't have much timeline significance. The Wheels were made around May 2000. I bored out a bit of the Lamborghini wheels to make them a little deeper and flat. Then I detailed and baked some Sculpey III to make the "Turbine Wheels" of the DeLorean. I cut the Sculpey wheels down to a sliver and inserted them into the bored wheel, and voila! The taillight section was a tough one. I had considered making it a decal like some of the TFs did, but I decided to go all out on this one and make it 3 dimensional. The license plate section of DeLoreans have these 6 black squares on them, so I had to cut and sand/file 12 of these itty bitty squares (about 1.5mm each!). The arms were chrome but really scratched up, so I sanded off the chrome to reveal white with chrome hi-lights. The next pictures are of a rear view mirror the size of a baby tooth. When you scratch build something, you scratch build everything! The red on the door is my version of Bondo. I managed to get a large dab of glue on one of my beautifully sculpted doors which resulted in a massive hole since the Testors glue is designed to melt and fuse plastic together chemically. I filed a bunch of plastic into a fine powder, and mixed it with glue into a plastic goo patch which I used to fix the hole. When it dried I painted it with some flat red to let me know if it is a totally smooth patch or not (if it sands off smoothly or leaves spots). It took me about 4 days to fix that one. The last pic is when I accidentally spilled pretty much all of my black paint. Not much you can do about it except use as much as you can before it dries. There will always be days like this. The bottom row shows the head before and after, and a pic of what Megatron would like to do to ol' Sideswipe if he could. The new head had to be raised quite a bit because of the difference in hood-wheel positioning. The Lamborghini's wheels are directly under the windshield, and a DeLorean's front wheels are in the middle of the hood.

All together for a final test fit before painting...

These are the finished components of the figure with paint. Painting took several weeks due to bad weather and school projects. I used a primer coat, then several coats of Stainless Steel Buffing metalizer paint. I lightly sanded each body panel to get the brushed stainless steel look just like the DeLorean has. I then added clear plastic for glass, then sprayed several coats of metalizer sealer completely over each part. The sealer is great stuff, since it leaves a highly durable surface and has no particular sheen to it. It was just amazing to see these parts come to life after working with sterile white for so many months!

These two pics were taken before I added any stickers. The stickers were the only part of this whole project I outsourced. With the depth of importance of the project to me and the way my attempts at making stickers myself looked, I could only ask one person to help me make the stickers: RAVESTRIKE. This guy has found the formula to making some amazing sticker replicas of Transformers. He eagerly accepted my custom project and had the stickers produced quickly, reasonably priced, and with awesome results. I had some leftover Autobot emblems from one of my previous purchases of sticker repro sheets so I stuck those on Steelskin until I got the new set back from him. Then I peeled the old ones off and added the new ones-the new set was even better than the older set! I couldn't believe my eyes.

This is my design for the sticker sheets which was produced onto a silver background just like the G1 series sticker sheets. The third pic shows my attempts at making stickers. I tried silver color on white paper, printing on silver paper, and photo paper. Not even close.

The end result after nearly a year of sweat and toil:

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