No Transformer is complete without some cool weapons. Just like Steelskin, I issued Redline the standard array of weaponry: Gun, Missile Launcher, and 3 missiles. Everything was made from scratch, of course.

Before this project began, I knew I had to give my next figure a minigun or something similar. The minigun has been made famous by such movies as Predator, Terminator 2, and The Matrix. Awesome firepower. After some thinking, a car-turned-robot could easily handle something bigger, so a 6-barrel Vulcan cannon from Vietnam-era military vehicles like the A-10 Thunderbolt was chosen for his hand-held weapon. I purchased thin rods of styrene for the barrels and began my work. I first drew the weapon on the figure's main image so I would have a good feel for how it should look and how to build it. I finished the white plastic version in just two nights, and I am pretty happy with the results.

I wanted to stick with older military weaponry for the rocket launcher. I decided to save myself the time of carving a tube and just buy one instead. I wasn't sure how the rocket launcher was going to look, but I remember the scene from Commando where Arnold and the poor lady he was dragging around break into a store and steal a 4-barrel rocket launcher. Once again, a car-sized being could handle something much bigger, so I created a strap-together combination of 2 7-rocket launchers and a missile launcher. Lucky for me some smaller tubing I bought originally for the minigun (didn't use it) fit well inside the larger tubes and gave me perfect spacing for the 7 rocket holes. The firing mechanism on the rocket was from some piece of an old cassette player I disassembled many years ago. A little modification and it was ready to go. The missile doesn't shoot very far but that way they can be sharp and fairly safe. Not that I'm going to let you play with it and shoot your eye out, but whatever. I inserted a metal brad through a plastic piece for the handle, and then I made a hinge so the rocket cluster can be pivoted and aimed high. I melted a hole in Redline's shoulder (after he was all done, too!) to mount it, and the handle also fits in either hand.

The missiles were assembled while watching a movie one night. Some chrome model kit tree, and a section of that square plastic strip carved into a warhead plus fins were all it took. A little orange paint the next day and voila! I never made a place to store them like Steelskin, but they all fit in his chest cavity with no problem so I don't really see the need. Steelskin was lacking in general storage space so I built in a missile rack.