Kit: MPC / Ertl X-Wing Fighter
Pros: Great paint & decals, lights, onboard battery
Cons: Very fragile, lights are a little weak
Verdict: Suitable for display

I completed this model sometime late in high school.  I had done this kit before once as well, but it had some issues, namely the wing tips broke off all the time and the (red Christmas) lights built into the engines took too much power (a 9v battery) to run so there were always two large wires hanging out the back. If I ended up keeping that other model someday I'll take pictures of it as well, and I might even bring it back to life. This model has a cockpit light and also 4 small lights powering the engine.

The weathered paint job took some practice. It's a lot of paint thinner and a little flat black Testors and applied in 1-2 coats. It fills in some of the detail cracks nicely and gives it the carbon scoring look I had hoped for.  The kit went together pretty well (both times) and I'm impressed by everything except for the goofy Luke figure inside.

What I consider to be the most impressive thing about this model is the battery compartment I built in.  It's just under the nose cone and to the casual eye it looks just like another panel.  It pops open and gives access (barely) to the tiny "N" size 1.5v battery inside. Well, now that I'm not fooling anyone, it's still pretty cool.

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