Miami Vice Daytona Spyder

Base: Revell Miami Vice Daytona Spyder
Pros: Nicely detailed and finished
Cons: Exhaust system looks.. unrealistic
Verdict: Currently on display

I built this kit sometime in 2007 I believe. My wife and I had borrowed the first few seasons of Miami Vice on DVD and I was sort of in love with Crockett's car. Sure enough one day at the hobby store I picked this up and decided to give it a shot.

I usually research cars quite a bit while making them, and I was fascinated to find that the show made fake Ferraris out of Corvettes for the show. I found pictures online of the real cars, both stunt and 'hero' and sure enough, they weren't real Ferraris. This kit is pretty honest to how the replica looked. I made up a batch of paint just for the interior color which I think came out pretty well. I especially like the lines on the seats. Personally I think the exhaust system hangs a little low but the 'real' car's hangs pretty low on the show so I guess it's almost accurate. Again, wishing I knew what I know now about painting, but all things considered it looks pretty nice.

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