1992 Dodge Stealth

Kit: MPC ERTL Dodge Stealth
Pros: Great car, clean build, cool suspension
Cons: Engine lacks detail, missed some paint spots
Verdict: Suitable for display

This is one of those second time around kits. I built a very nice red/tan version of this car before but gave it away as a present. I remember the kit and suspension going together so well that I wanted my own. At the time there was a great modern Smokey & the Bandit TV knock-off show (the name escapes me momentarily) but the main character drove a badass black Dodge Stealth. The Stealth was a great idea but not taken to its full potential. It's among the most handsome sub-$35k production vehicles ever made. I recall it started at a mere $16,500 and with options went all the way up to like $30 or something. All decked out they looked amazing, as did the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, it's foreign cousin. Anyway of course they eventually stopped making them, and they're a rare sight now.

The suspension was built by cutting out the middle portions of the struts and gluing a piece of pen spring where the spring was. The top part glued into the inside of the wheel well, and the bottom part attached to a flexible piece of styrene.  I remember doing jumps with the first model before I gave it away.

The engine and interior were pretty basic, and I wished I had added a bit more detail but it all fit together quite well. The glass on this model was excessively thick in my opinion but it fit and I didn't exactly plan to replace it for kicks.

One oddity to note is the license plate which says STEALTH.  I didn't notice it until just now, but they are the same vintage as the OUTATIME plate from Back to the Future from the mid-80's with tags expiring in 1985. Weird.

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