Dukes of Hazzard Rosco P. Coltrane's Sheriff Car V. 2

Kit: ERTL 1/24 Gotham City Police/Goon Car
Pros: Up to quality standards, working suspension & fully detailed
Cons: Extremities (mirrors, antenna) are fragile at best
Verdict: Yeeeeeeehaaawwww!!

I spared no expense of time on this kit.  I felt bad after looking at my Rosco #1 car, and I got about 1/100 the way through restoring it when I started looking online and noticed other people had used the Gotham Police/Goon kit.  For about $12 I could start over... Deal. I salvaged a few parts from the other car, mostly the wheels/hubcaps/rear axle. The Tires are from an entirely different kit but the fit the larger rims from the first Rosco car and still looked proportionate to the car.

By now I had the first two seasons of Dukes of Hazzard on DVD.  The first season they used AMC Hornets or something but by the early season two they were consistently using 1978 Dodge Monaco police cars. The '78 Monaco is used heavily in all kinds of police shows and in real life.  I did extensive research to find just a few photos of real cars. Most weren't taken care of.

The copy protection on the DVDs made still capture a royal pain so instead I went back in time and started taking pictures of my big screen TV with my digital camera.  Good enough for reference of size/colors so I was happy. There were some (hilarious) scenes where the cars get torn apart or landed on their roof or side so I got shots of everything from the position of the CB antenna to the contents of the trunk (nothing but a spare).

I wanted to make a jumpable Rosco car.  I'm not sure what my obsession with making suspension work on MODELS is, since they're really supposed to just sit there, but I gotta be me, and things aren't always what they seem in Hazzard County. I actually made real styrene leaf-spring suspension for the rear (incorporating the solid axle that came from the salvage Rosco car) and just regular lower arm/coil spring suspension for the front. Both sections are heavily reinforced to accept the hard landings. I took some progression pictures while working on it.

It took me about three months of building and research to complete. The detail features include the bumperettes (front and rear), extra side mirror, rear deck chrome trim added (used bare metal foil on all chrome surfaces), front door trim removed, hyper-detailed dashboard, window roll-ups, resculpted steering column, interior roof & panel thickness, seat belts and buckles, modified light bar, opening trunk with sculpted trunk lid, scratch-built tail light lenses, correct style air filter, insulated hood w/ details, dupli-color white car paint, w/polishing compound and Turtle Wax, and decals designed on a professional level program printed on foil. Oh yeah, and it can survive some moderate jumping. Problem is if the angle is too high the bumper breaks off (well it did once). I finished this model in April, 2005.

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