Dukes of Hazzard Rosco P. Coltrane's Sheriff Car

Kit: Yodel 1/24 Motorized 1978 Plymouth Fury Police (City Unknown)
Pros: Hard to find kit, turnable steering, motorized, great interior work
Cons: Finish looks bad (yellowing) poor decal/paint work
Verdict: Got chucked after building a better kit

After I did my first General Lee and likely after I finished Daisy's Jeep I found this great '78 Plymouth Fury kit by Yodel. I couldn't believe my eyes.  The actually made a model of the same Sheriff car they used in most of Dukes of Hazzard. How lucky could I be!

After I got it home I discovered it was even cooler because it was wired for a motor and even had a switch built in. The battery I installed is long dead, but I'll take care of that if/when I take it apart for repainting.  Even without the motor running the car rolls pretty smoothly and better still, it has front end steering that sort of clicks to place so it can be motorized to go around in circles.

There's not much to a cop car interior back in the day, no fancy computers or anything.  Seats, dash, and a radio were pretty much it, but I think I captured the vinyl interior well and even got the color pretty correct. I even painted the ceiling.

Without the aid of computer graphics or anything I had to *gasp* hand-paint the Sheriff's logo on both sides, which can be considered OK looking considering I was like 17 or something, but doesn't quite hold up to my standards today. Also the lettering is simply rub-ons from those lettering sheets. At least I spelled everything correctly. Once again my best friend mr. clearcoat messed up a perfectly good model by streaking some of the silver paint details. I suppose it looks kinda weathered but not really in the correct way.

It looks like I did a patch job with the front suspension support.  Did I try to jump this car at one time?  I don't think I did, but then again these poor cars did spend a pretty significant time in the air in the show so I might have tried. Not remembering makes me feel old so I'll move on. Overall it's a pretty solid kit and I'm sure it'd look great after a repaint and some custom decals.

*UPDATE* 6/2/05

A while ago I disassembled this kit in hopes of repairing/restoring it.  The chrome bits came right off and all was going pretty well, when I discovered that most people (on the 'net) who had done a Rosco car started with a Batman Police/Joker Goon car kit (a very well-reproduced '78 Dodge Monaco) and went with it from there.  A quick trip to one of my local hobby shops yielded me with one of these 2nd gen kits for pretty cheap, and I proceeded with making what I consider to be the most detailed working suspension Rosco car EVER. The original kit seen here never got reassembled and thus got chucked to the bin after cluttering up my desk for 3 months.

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