1986 Robocop Ford Taurus

Base: ERTL Robo-1
Pros: Decent kit, great paint job
Cons: It's a Taurus, and the wrong type to boot
Verdict: Will consider trade/sale, but for now it's displayable

I got into a model-making kick in 1996-7 and during that time I got this great catalog full of discontinued kits.  I made a lot of movie cars, but this one still kind of baffles me. This has to be the only celebrated Taurus on screen.  They made great pursuit cars in Robocop and the model is pretty well made, but it's not the most exciting car.

Basically it's a Taurus SHO (Super-High Output) model with police mods like a criminal cage between the front and backseat, a police radio, and light bars.  I don't think the real movie cars were SHO models, but in a pinch it works. It squeaks like mad when it rolls, but otherwise it's in good shape.

I love the flat black paint on the movie cars, so it was very important to me to replicate that. It turned out well, mostly because flat black is like the easiest color to work with. The engine and drivetrain were all stock from the kit.  No modifications were made beyond the instructions.  

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