Mercedes CLK-GTR

Base: Tamiya 1/24 #24195
Pros: Super clean build
Cons: Don't really know what it is
Verdict: Built for a friend, hopefully in good condition

I vaguely remember putting this kit together for a friend some years ago, probably around 2007-2008. My friend is into all kinds of racing stuff and hunted down this specific kit so for probably a birthday or Christmas gift I put it together for him. I had NO idea what this car is for or where it races. I'll dabble into watching some NASCAR on occasion but this is some next level racing fandom.

As I don't remember a whole lot about it, I'm presuming it went very smoothly. Tons and tons of decals over what I seem to recall the factory molded silver. I know, that's like taboo for a model builder, but you totally couldn't see any mold marks or anything. It was a very clean and uber detailed kit by Tamiya. Decals all went where they were supposed to, there were photo etched details, rubber wheels rolled smoothly, front wheels turned. I did a really clean job on this!

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