1998 Nascar Mark Martin #6 Valvoline Taurus

Kit: Monogram Mark Martin Taurus Kit
Pros: Well assembled, holding together so far
Cons: Worst wheel assembly design in history persists, finish not too glossy
Verdict: Suitable for display (given to friend)

Most of my worst models growing up were Nascar kits. I've done about a half dozen of them, all of which are long gone.  They practically disentegrated before my eyes. The decals peeled off, the frame broke up, the seats fell out the glass fell off the wheels fell off, they're awful. I've seen some Nascar kits that customizers do that absolutely blow my mind.

This is the first Nascar kit I've done as an adult.  The kit's basically the same as it ever was, but this is a Skill Level 3 so it had some nice extra details not found on my older kits. I put this together in about 2 weeks so I could give it to my friend whom I've owed a model to since like middle school.  Probably best that I didn't do it back then, 'cuz maybe you've seen some of my older models by now.

I built this kit completely stock, and I painted parts on it I normally wouldn't have as a kid so I'm happy with it overall. The front end's a bit torqued so it doesn't roll straight.  Yay. The wheels.. they're pitiful.  They sort of snap on and then instantly go wobbly, and you've got a scale 1000 feet of rolling before they basically fall off.  Yes I know it's a model but you should still be able to move it around some without destroying it.  Sheesh. I've seen some brilliant ways to attach a wheel and I'm disappointed that they've never adopted anything better.

The Paint/Decals were all done in like 2 days. These are the first waterslide decals I've used in years and they stayed on pretty well before the glosscoat. The ones on the tires looked great until they dried.  Figures.  Whatever, it's leagues better than what I used to do and my friend seems to like it so it's a winner.