1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit

Kit: Monogram 1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit
Pros: One of my favorite cars, ultra glossy finish, separate frame
Cons: Missing rear wing (?)
Verdict: Suitable for display

I completed this model sometime late in high school in the early to mid '90s.  I originally did this model in the John Player Special Green/Yellow.  I felt like that didn't come out as well so I went all out on this version. To this day I consider it to be among my finest models.

The kit features a removable frame which was a pleasant suprise. Not so pleasant was how it went together the first time.  I made my own wheel bushings and had to do some filing, but everything rolls smoothly and is level.  The frame by itself is cool enough and it hooks under the car with the tailpipe and a radiator hose.  Very clever. I took a picture of the Lotus frame next to my DeLorean frame. Lotus helped engineer the DeLorean so you can see the resemblance in the two frames. Also note they even gave you a clear sunroof plate or a solid one. Options rule!

The interior came out very clean, no carpeting but a pretty even coat of paint over the whole deal. Decals and detail paint look pretty good.  I've been so lucky as to sit in two Lotus cars, and I can tell you it's like a luxurious glove.

The exterior finish is Model Master Italian Red over what I presume was a layer of primer (it was moulded in white) and a HEAVY coat of Dresden Clear Glaze.  This is the same stuff I used for pretty much all my models of that era, but this got a seriously thick layer.  It took a MONTH to dry.  No kidding. I kept it in a box under my desk and poked it about once every week or so to see if the clearcoat had dried yet. When it did finally gel up it was amazing.  One of the best finishes I've ever put on a car.

I think there's supposed to be a wing on the rear deck. I think it looks pretty good without it, and I'm not sure I'd add it if I found it.

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