1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

Kit: Tamiya 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser
Pros: Pre-built suspension, great paint & interior, excellent mods
Cons: None worth complaining about
Verdict: Suitable for display

I don't know exactly why I like the Toyota Land Cruiser so much, but I do. I learned how to drive 'stick' in a pretty old one of one of these and it was a beast. I've never been inside one aside from a new car show.  They look great and have a good reputation.

Much to my pleasant surprise, this 'stock' kit features turnable front wheels and working suspension! It's designed quite well and the shocks can work even when the wheels are turned.  Can't really say that about my suspension mods.

Overall the paint and everything are holding up very well. No need for touchups on this one. From the accident on the main model page the only damage was the tire holder was broken.  The whole rear end was modified heavily to include a working liftback and fold-down mini-tailgate, as well as a swinging rear tire holder. These look just like they did when the model was solid and the fit and finish are some of my better work.  I'm guessing I put this together around 1998 or so.

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