1992 Jurassic Park Gas Jeep Wrangler

Base: Monogram 198x Jeep Wrangler
Pros: The 'other' Jurassic Park vehicle, good paint & details
Cons: Not terribly exciting
Verdict: Suitable for display

As stated in the Ford Explorer page, I saw 'Jurassic Park' in the theater no less than 15 times. After making the Explorer model, I tried making a T-Rex but messed it up pretty bad.  Back to cars...

I had a really cool Making of Jurassic Park book so I had just a few reference photos to work with.

This is the same kit I made my Daisy's Jeep from, and it went together a little better this time around. The model is the wrong year of Jeep, but was quite acceptable for me. The paint and wheels were custom but beyond that it was a pretty stock kit. The gray color which I think is pretty spot-on is Gray Flannel acrylic.  The red is also acrylic. I hosed it all down with a low-gloss topcoat to keep it from flaking like mad. All the details like the Jurassic Park logos and numbers are all done by hand. I even made a little rear-view mirror pass and a custom tire cover.

Poor Nedry...

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