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I've been making model cars since I was about 7 years old. Not all of them turn out to be winners. Many of them wind up as members of the sub-elite "parts bag."  I have a 'survival of the fittest' view with my models. Some make the cut, some don't. If I like the car enough I'll consider re-doing it.  Otherwise it's a quick, painful death once room needs to be made. This page is for all of my models, past and present.

For years most of my older or 'second string' models sat in a modified iguana cage at my folks' house. Not terribly safe, as shown by the rear-end pileup on the top row which happened on the trip back.

Heavily Modified

1981 DeLorean Scratchbuilt Frame, Working Doors, Suspension, Lights, Speakers, - Recently restored after 11 years!
198x  Chevrolet Camaro RS "Chris Birkett" Edition Circa 1994

Movie Cars

Movie Car
Miami Vice Crockett's Daytona Spyder Accurate details
Transformers Bumblebee

2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept

Opening Doors
Back to the Future I DeLorean (1985) Water Tank, Doors, Suspension
Back to the Future II DeLorean (1985-A) Doors
Back to the Future III DeLorean (1955) Tires/rims, display pad w/dirt
Jurassic Park 1992 Ford Explorer Modified metal body, extensive paint work
Jurassic Park 1992 Jeep Wrangler Fully detailed paint job
Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee Modified rear deck
Dukes Of Hazzard Daisy's Jeep Hand-painted details
Dukes Of Hazzard Rosco's Police Car Motorized, turnable steering
Dukes of Hazzard Rosco's Police Car, 2nd Edition Jump Suspension, Fully Detailed
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Stock but sweet
Robocop 1986 Ford Taurus Flat black paintjob
198x Lamborghini Countach Back to the Future Edition
Demolition Man 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Modified Hood

Stock/Lightly Modified

Photo Year/Make/Model Features/Modifications
Mercedes CLK-GTR Highly detailed, lots of decals
1970 Chevelle SS 454 Lightly Modified, great paint
1969 Dodge Charger Project Car Whipped and neglected
1998 Mark Martin #6 Valvoline Completely stock, lots o' decals
1969 Dodge Charger R/T Opening Trunk, Extra Clean Build
1971 Dodge Charger Stock, Super-Clean
1991 Toyota Celica Rally (Lights) Decals Galore!
1991 Toyota Celica Rally (Snorkel) Ultra-detailed interior
1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Hatch & Tire Carrier Mod
1986 BMW 633csi Great Details, Lights
1993 Toyota Celica GT-Four Stock unpainted (gasp!)
1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit John Player Special Huge onboard speakers
1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit Extra Clean Build, high-gloss
1992 Dodge Stealth Full Suspension, Great paint
1991 Pontiac Firebird Stock with nice paint job
1971 Plymouth GTX Lights & Suspension
1994 Ford Lightning Lights!
1993 Chevrolet Corvette Stock

Other Than Cars...

Model Features/Modifications
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Lights & Onboard Battery
Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder Stock

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