1971 Plymouth GTX

Kit: Monogram 1971 Plymouth GTX
Pros: Great looking car, good suspension & lights
Cons: General wear, broken rear suspension
Verdict: Mild restoration or total rebuild needed

It was love at first sight, I caught a somewhat beat-up Plymouth Satellite driving through town, and I followed after it for a little while just to see what the hell it was.  This is the closest thing to it in a model form, with the GTX modifications.  I find them a bit distracting but I guess at the time I just went with it.

Boy, that's sure BLUE. I don't think I ever used that color before or again so I learned my lesson there.  On the positive side, it's a real clean paint job. The paint is holding up remarkably well. But crikey, it's really blue. After I initially wrote that part, I found a GTX on eBay in nearly this shade of blue going for upwards of $86,000. I feel a little better now.

The suspension is pretty well done in front, and less so in the rear.  I carefully cut out the front suspension so it doesn't look too modified, and added fishing weights to the front end to make it compress easier. I used to jump this car from time to time and it always looked great. The rear suspension is pretty trashed, as all I really did to it was thin out the leafspring piece with an X-Acto.  I need to design something better that will hold up under abuse.

There are 9 light bulbs installed, and 2 battery casings in the trunk.  I'm rather impressed with my trunk job, since it snaps on and off just like a real battery case. The DIP switch in the engine bay actually matches the hideous blue so it doesn't stick out too much. I think I wired the switches backward (note the OFF label) but oh well. I'm pretty sure I goofed up the tail lights also, but I didn't have much to go on since the instructions weren't terribly descriptive and when I assembled it the Internet isn't what it is today.

The chrome is kinda messed up in places, and the wheels were never fully chromed in the first place. I guess that makes it look more like a rally car or something.

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