Ford Lightning Pickup Truck

Kit: Monogram Ford Lightning 1/24 Scale
Pros: Great working lights
Cons: Generally shoddy work, looks old
Verdict: Given back to friend after a quick refurb

I made this late in high school ('95 I'd guess) for my friend.  It sat somewhere in his messy room for 11 years until one day he found it again. He brought it to me in a plastic bag, and when poured out on a table it looked like this:

I had forgotten I even made this model but it was nice to see it again.  I'd forgotten about the lights and the bed cover, and how I got the paint on the wheels just right. Pretty amazing how one forgets.  The paint looked pretty bad but short of repainting it there wasn't much I could do about it. The Ford Lightning was a pickup truck with what I recall to be a really big engine. Reportedly faster off the line than a Corvette of similar vintage. Whoa.

So anyway the truck isn't all that great looking but the lights... I did a pretty good job on these. In the engine bay there are 4 DIP switches that control the headlights/tail lights, interior dome light, and rear bed light. I was impressed by my own work, especially the little dome light inside the truck, as it looks just like the real deal. Best of all the lights still worked off the same cheap batteries I put in there 11 years ago. Woot!


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