Dukes of Hazzard Daisy's Jeep "Dixie"

Kit: Monogram Jeep 4x4
Pros: Car from a great show, good assembly and paint
Cons: Not among my favorites, hand-painted details
Verdict: Suitable for display after a few touch-ups

Playing second to the General Lee is Daisy's Jeep named Dixie. Daisy had a cool Plymouth GTX in the beginning of the series, and at some point the rowdy cousins blew it up.  So it was replaced by "Dixie" (no coincidence "Dixie" is the music played by the General Lee's Horn) and she had it all through the rest of the show.

Not really sure what compelled me to make the Dixie, but at the least it looks good next to the General Lee. This I believe was my second Monogram Jeep kit.  I have one major complaint about the kit, which I solved this time around.  When assembled as directed, the frame is twisted a fair bit and it doesn't let all 4 wheels touch down at the same time.  I had to do some warping and a little shaving to get it right.

I pretty much assembled it stock from the kit, with the main added feature was the hand-painted eagle and Dixie on the sides of the hood.  It took me a little while and I think it came out pretty well since I didn't have much to reference from, and the Internet at the time wasn't as developed. Also, paying like $35-40 for a vintage kit seemed pretty out of line. A little bit of touch-up on the wheels and she'll be ready for display again.

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