1969 Dodge Charger Project Car

Kit: MPC ERTL General Lee
Pros: One of my favorite cars, fun build, decent modifications
Cons: Crummy hood design, plain engine,
Verdict: Suitable for display

So, after many years of making Chargers and General Lees I had a few kits and parts left over. I always see cars on eBay or whatever that have fallen through many owners' hands over the years, done this or that with it, let it sit in a field for 10 years and then passed on. I always wanted to do a car that reflected that kind of abuse. So this car has all the signs of neglect and progress at the same time. Thrashed paint, heavy rust, couple of bullet holes (passenger side behind the door), replaced and primered fenders, mismatched hood and doors, ratty interior, new wheels with mismatched tires. Do you have what it takes to polish up this diamond in the rough?

In reality this was just a cobbled together collection of spare parts and kit pieces that I botched over the years. But it was a lot of fun to build! The rust is an actual rust paint that you add the metal part then an acidic solution to rust the metal. Too fun! And yeah, that's a shotgun in the back seat. This car was completed March of 2008.

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