1992 Toyota Celica Castrol Rally - Lights

Kit: Tamiya 1/24 Toyota Celica GT-4 (Rally Lights Version)
Pros: Detailed interior, quality kit, crazy decals, turning wheels
Cons: Least favorite Celica body style, less detailed than other Rally Celica
Verdict: Suitable for display

I did this model sometime around 1997 or so, I figure. I did it after the one with the snorkel and I was just happy to have two similar looking rally cars. This kit looks pretty detailed from the outside, but the interior was not nearly as difficult as the other one. Decals were still a pain in the butt though.

My learning experience from the other rally model is that the decals don't stick so I had to mix up a batch of white glue and water, and it seemed to help a lot.

This kit's distinguishing features are the rally light cluster on the front. The antenna is plastic and there wasn't any photo etched parts like on the other one. All in all it's held up pretty well over the years and I'm glad to have it on display.

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