1993 Toyota Celica GT-Four

Kit: Tamiya Toyota Celica GT-Four 1/24 Scale
Pros: Higly detailed extra clean kit, turning front wheels, rubber tires
Cons: Hood doesn't stay shut, didn't paint the body (not really a con)
Verdict: Suitable for display

I've had a pretty consistent 'thing' for Toyota Celica/Supra cars over time. This GT-Four is a handsome mid-90's example, and Tamiya's kit went together quickly and easily if memory serves. I think I did this one in 1998-9 or so. Many of the parts were molded in the correct color (black, silver, etc) and looked so nice out of the package that even after a little sanding, painting was just unneccessary. The body was molded in the color I wanted anyway, and it looked nicer out of the package than any of my paint jobs to that day, so I left it unpainted.

The wheels turn easily and as a nice pseudo rally feature, if you push the car along a surface and add a little fishtail, the wheels shift to automatically correct. Maybe I've never noticed this in my few turnable steering models, but it's cool.

The hood irks me. You can tell this Tamiya model was made with all kinds of stringent tolerances, but the hood is so precise to the point where it never quite shuts.  It's got a nice feature where you can display with the hood open and it stays up, but mine only jams shut once every 30 tries or so, and only if you don't touch anything else. Closing it for the photos was a pain.  Maybe it's something I did wrong.

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