"Back to the Future" Lamborghini Countach

Kit: Monogram 198x Lamborghini Countach
Pros: Fun to make, neat concept, fairly clean build, cheap project
Cons: Doesn't roll, no fancy features
Verdict: Good for display, possibly would sell it

This model originally was intended to be a regular Lamborghini Countach, but my $2 open box model purchase at a garage sale turned out to be not such a good investment. It didn't have instructions, which made it a challenge enough, and it was also missing enough parts to not be able to complete the engine and also the rear wheel supports. How to turn that frown upside-down?  Make it into a Time Machine!

Suffice to say I've had enough Back to the Future kits in my time to have bags of spare parts. What actually caused me to do this project is beyond my recollection, but I'm sure it had something to do with having 2 sets of otherwise worthless objects. The DeLorean and the Lamborghini have similar dimensions in some respects (this would not be the first time they cross paths with me - see Project: Steelskin) so things like the front and side flux dispersal coils wrapped around the body without too much trouble. I had to make some bridge pieces around the top out of pencil leads and styrene.

One thing I thought came out especially well is the wires that go around the fenders and such.  I actually put tiny holes through the panels and tied the black insulated wire down with twist-tie wire.  Looks pretty authentic. All the wiring goes someplace. The black side wire goes directly into the front coils, goes all along the side and back up and into the rear deck lid.  I added little groups of colored thread for effect as well.

I think the interior came out well.  I don't recally why I chose red but I stand by my decision. I crammed as much BTTF parts inside as I thought tasteful including of course the prerequisite Flux Capacitor and time circuits. I was big on painting interiors with watercolor paint back then.  They don't show brush strokes too much but require multiple coats, and if you so much as look at them the wrong way they chip off. I didn't have the patience, know-how, or desire to make the scissor doors work so the paint will never be messed up.

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