Back to the Future 2 DeLorean

Kit: Ertl/MPC Back to the Future II
Pros: Was my first BTTF kit, was featured in DeLorean World magazine
Cons: Destroyed beyond repair
Verdict: Consign to scrap heap/parts bag & start over with a new kit


Oh, man, talk about a fall from grace. To be honest, this wasn't ever considered my 'best' model or anything, but it was my first BTTF kit. And it shows. There's nothing right with this model anymore.  It's been in a box and bags for years now, basically waiting for me to take pictures and write its eulogy as I am now.  Maybe this is what would have happened if they got stuck in the alternate 1985 for too long.

I don't like the way the hover conversion worked with the BTTF2 kit, as it sticks the wheels out too far in non-flight mode. That aside, the rest of the kit is pretty nice. The doors were done in such a way that they did actually stay up by themselves, but were entirely inaccurate in the way they worked. I give myself props for the effort since it was my first and I was all of 13. I even thickened up the doors and added the little lights, although they are just bits of paper with flourescent marker. I cracked the windshield in half while doing the doors, a common problem unfortunately. I glued it back together rather than trying to make a new one.  Probably seemed ok at the time. I also managed to crack the driver's side window near the bottom, and I don't recall how.

I joined the DeLorean Owner's Association in 1993 as it's youngest member at 15, and in 1994 my dad and I went to Temecula, California with 2 models in tow, this one and a much cleaner homemade BTTF3 car.  Natually, they took a nice photo of this wreck on it's proudest day and put it in the magazine, Volume 11, #2 1994. It was all downhill from there. Since then most of the BTTF parts have fallen off or were stripped for some reason or other, the entire system of flight mode and wheel attachment was stripped, the roof section and doors have broken off, and all electronics were removed.  "Electronics," you say? Yeah, try two 12v lights for the front headlights.  Sucked a mini 12v battery dry in no time.

The paint was a whole other issue.  Either I didn't see it or it hadn't come out yet, but instead of my favorite Stainless Steel buffing metalizer paint, I used "German Silver." It's practically got chunks in it. Some of the real closeup shots shows how thick this stuff is. I practiced stripping paint with this model so I wouldn't screw up my good DeLorean.  This did not help the model's appearance any. At around the same time I guess I might have tried to take off the BTTF wiring just for practice. I also at some point was apparently doing something with a lighter to heat something into place, and melted a pretty severe spot on the right side of the car. I tried patching it using "shoe goo," which I used for practically everything back then. It looked...slightly better than melted but not good. I stripped that off some years ago.

I recently had a Back to the Future-fest and watched the whole DVD set through, and I'm determined to make a good BTTF kit if it kills me. Hopefully I can make up for some of my disasters like this one and thus restoring the space-time continum... or something like that.

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