Back to the Future 1 DeLorean

Kit: Ertl/MPC Back to the Future II
Pros: Based off my favorite car, smoke feature was cool when it worked
Cons: Falling apart, rusty, missing parts, bad fit, ruined finish
Verdict: Consign to scrap heap/parts bag

Ok, well the one thing that made this kit really cool at one time was the water tank/dry ice thing. Once upon a time you could lift off the platform the plutonium chamber sat on and fill it up with water and drop some dry ice chips in there and you'd get smoke out of the exhaust ports. It really was pretty cool. Wish I'd have taken a picture. Then apparently one day I accidentally poked a hole in the foil barrier causing a leak and a general mess. Theoretically this could be repaired, since the body isn't permanently mounted to the chassis, but... no. Anyway I didn't actually have a plutonium chamber, I just left off some Mr. Fusion parts and called it a day.

Yes, the doors do go up, but only stay up if prompted to by a staple or a paperclip to hold them in place. I used bits of steel (which have rusted) and magnets to keep the doors down. Worse yet, I used fabric to make the door hinge. Fabric! This neither keeps the doors in place nor keeps them straight. To my credit, I was probably pretty washed out after making my main DeLorean so nice.

Apparently when I cut the doors off I must've cracked the side window glass pretty bad because while the windshield is original, the side glass is a crappy replacement.

The suspension is a joke. I used paperclips (somewhat ok) and bits of soda can and tied it together with a twist tie, which proudly shows through the bottom of the unpainted chassis. While it does bounce, the rear end is not outfitted with suspension.

I did a pretty stock job on the interior, not too bad and I even threw in some thread details and carpeting!

The windshield and generally the whole finish is speckled by residual tree flocking that I sprayed on it waaaay back when. I might have taken a picture of it when it was fully decked out in frost mode but now it looks just awful.

It's missing a side mirror, side bar thingy on the bottom below the door, and a headlight lens. Yes I probably have spares, but I wouldn't waste them at this point.

Nothing fits right, nothing sits right, at this point it's just taking up space. While inspecting it a nicely weathered OUTATIME license plate fell out of somewhere. Best thing about the model that I saw. Someday I'll get a proper BTTF1 kit and do it right.

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