Kit: Tamiya 633 CSI
Pros: One of my favorite cars, highly detailed, great interior & working lights
Cons: Needs touch-up & minor repair
Verdict: Suitable for display

I completed this model sometime late in high school.  I originally did nearly the same exact model in all black with a light interior. It didn't fare too well.  The interior came out OK but the body got a pretty sloppy paint job with too many coats and not enough finesse. In the end the sunroof lines were filled in and it never looked right. I ended up smashing it to bits (that was fun!) and now all I have left are the seats, gas tank, side moulding, tail lights, engine, and wheels.

This model is my attempt to right that wrong, although it's seen some better days now too. Most likely the result of years playing bumper cars in the iguana cage.  The side view mirror busted off while photographing it, but it was an easy fix.

After nearly 6-7 years of inactivity, the lights still worked! The car has 11 working light bulbs. A 4-pin dip switch in the trunk and 2 "N" size 1.5v batteries takes care of the power. One battery and one switch turns on the 2 main headlights, side parking lights, intstrument cluster light and tail lights.  The other battery and switches controls the high beams, fog lights, and back-up lights. One of the high beam bulbs is a bit dim, and I've never figured out why.

The one thing I noticed while photographing it is the paint looks a bit thin in some places. I err'd on the side of caution on this one compared to the first one I guess. Certainly not worth repainting it. At one point in time the lower support arm on the passenger front end snapped and I used bits of paperclip and epoxy to brace it. Eh. Not my finest work but it's all a step in the right direction I suppose.  The wheels are too big for the wheel wells so to turn them you have to bend the body just a hair.

Interior is fully decked out.  Carpet on the floor and roof liner, painted details down to the seat belt clips and interior decals. Engine looks pretty nice too, great details like the clear cover on the fuse box and foam pads under the hood make this one of my more detailed non-custom kits.

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