198x Chevy Camaro RS "Chris Birkett" Edition

Kit: ERTL Snapfast Camaro Z/28 1/25 Scale
Pros: Many custom conversions, stereo built-in
Cons: A little broken & worn out
Verdict: Suitable for display & maybe fix up a bit

This project screams "High School" to me. There was a guy a few years older than my friends and I named Chris Birkett. He was older but not an ass about it, a really cool guy to basically everyone. He lived only a few blocks from school so he was a bit of a fixture even after graduating. He installed car stereos and was rumored to make more money than his parents. He had this BADASS Camaro RS.  It evolved over the years, but this was my favorite incarnation. You could literally feel this thing turn a corner from a block away, when the wave of bass hit you squarely it almost knocked you back a bit.

I took pictures of it one afternoon, and by the time I finished the model (complete with large headphones in the front and back) his car was a completely different color and had a new speaker arrangement. I showed it to him and he loved it!  Apparently the "Strictly Style" thing was a group he belonged to at the time but not by the time I finished it. Oh well. Years later he made national news with his Christmas decorations allegedly annoying his neighbors. His house was always known for that kind of epic decorations though, and everyone loved it. Anyway here's pics of the real car.

Highlights of the build start with converting a different style Camaro to an RS style. This required modifying the hood, wheels, tires, spoiler, carving a T-Top, and reshaping the front end a bit. I also added (innacurate) side mirrors, and made the doors work (the hard way, with the front of the door tucking into the shell) The seats fold forward and feature shoulder belts.  I scratch-built the wall o' speakers.  4 15" subs, and numerous 6" and 3" mids/tweeters.  I sucked glow-in-the-dark neon green paint through this great clear tubing but it dried out a bit over the years. One thing I forgot about until I looked at it recently is the hidden Super Nintendo behind the passenger side.  It was hooked up to the tiny TV in the passenger footwell. I modified the trunk/hatchback to fit a large speaker under the amps/etc in the trunk. The plug (which looks pitiful) connects into the tailpipes.

A little TLC and some bare metal foil and this thing's got some hope. It's ok the way it is but it's not on my immediate rebuild list.

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