1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit - John Players Special Edition

Kit: Monogram 1990 Lotus Turbo Esprit
Pros: I got to sit in the real car once
Cons: Beat to hell, looks awful, bad speaker job
Verdict: Consign to scrapheap/salvage

I used to look a lot older than I was, and in some cases that worked out pretty well.  My dad and I visited a combination Subaru/Daihatsu/Lotus dealership.  Yeah, I know.  We were all dressed up for whatever reason so I could pass for about 23-25ish but I was only 15 1/2.  My dad told them I was the one with all the money, so they basically just kissed my butt for about an hour. I got to sit in all their Lotus(es) and this one must've amazed me, the John Players Special Edition (could be the John Deere Special Edition lol.)

I got an airbrush kit sometime right before then and this was the first (and last) car I used it on. I thinned out Testors enamel to flow through the airbrush.  All in all it was a pain in the butt and it went on a little thin, and now it's all beat up. Meh.

I was big into mounting speakers in my models at the time, and this one got a huge set of headphones, but mounted poorly and sloppily. The hookups go out where the tailpipes should go, and end in loose wires. It sounds ok, but looks hokey when hooked up.

Not much sets this one apart, other than it was a learning piece to later make my good Lotus.

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