ECTO-1A Ghostbusters 1959 Cadillac Hearse

Base: ERTL Ecto-1a
Pros: Decent kit, good details, good paint job
Cons: It's huge!... and doesn't sit level.
Verdict: Suitable for Display

I got this catalog in the mail one time that had like a bazillion models from movies in it. This was at the dawn of the Internet really getting popular so mailings were still pretty common.  And I didn't have a car. I ordered this kit among others and couldn't wait to get it.

As I recall everything went together pretty well aside from it not sitting level. Otherwise I was pretty happy with the detail level and the quality of the kit overall. I actually still have the battered box, as it's helping to keep my first BTTF2 kit box together where I store my extra model supplies and spare parts. I was hoping for just a regular Ecto-1 kit but this satisfied my craving just fine.

It's in good shape overall, nothing has broken loose but it's got a few paint rubs most likely from the iguana cage storage. I learned my lesson about spraypainting clear over white with my Celica model so this is just straight white paint and looks very good.

If only Ray had a cat like mine, they'd have been in much more trouble.

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