1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440

Kit: Monogram 1969 Dodge Charger
Pros: Very clean build, great paint & details, working trunk & steering
Cons: Not 100% level, broken suspension
Verdict: Suitable for display

Chargers are badass.  'Nuff said, I made this one in a color scheme I found on the Internet (pics from a car show). I'm usually not a vinyl top fan but the white/blue combo looked great. The Monogram kit is excellent and very detailed.

The kit features turnable steering, which worked ok until I tried putting it in a display case with tie-downs, and it broke one of the upper brackets.  It took me a while to get around to repairing it, which I did with some stryene and a lot of swearing. I had also read (and then noticed) that the kit's rear axle is too far back.  I agreed and while it was broken I broke it some more, then put the axle where it belonged so now the rear wheels are in the wheel well correctly.

I don't like the stock rims on most muscle cars, they're all kind of alike and I don't like it at all. I had these rims leftover from a Ford pickup model that didn't pan out some time ago, and I thought they looked great.  I found some slightly larger tires for drag racing, and now it looks sufficiently cool.  Usually you have to do some horrible adaption to get different wheels on a model, but this time it worked out easily.

I basically followed the kit to a T and it came out beautifully.  This was the first kit I used car touch-up spraypaint on and it looks amazing.  The only problem is it doesn't take enamel paint on top of it very well. It dries in like 10 minutes so you can quickly see how it turned out. I added some paint details and the insulation under the hood. The only big modification is the trunk opening.  I put a spare tire and the fuel tank tube and some sandpaper made for the trunk liner.  The trunk lid of any car is hard as hell to find a picture of, but after some time on the Internet I found one

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