Back to the Future Libyan VW Bus (Promo)

Base Matchbox T2 VW Bus
Mods Stripped & 2-tone paint, roof hole cut out
Card 1st Gen (Thicker, less detail) 2008, JS0009, BTTF-01 misspellings
Qty Made 4 Including Prototype

I wasn't sure if I was going to make a lot of these so I started with a few to give to friends. I made one as a demo then 3 more to share with my friends.  I left the bubbles partially unsealed so you can get the car out and play with it. Backs are un-numbered and first gen card so it's thicker and the printing detail isn't as good. I also misspelled "Libyans" like 50 times front and back. Proofreading became important later on. Dumbass.

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