Tango & Cash - The RV From Hell

Base Matchbox Chevrolet K-1500 Pickup
Mods Complete body mold, scratch built minigun, bumper and glass section
Card 4th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2012, JS0029, T&C-01
Qty Made 21 incl Prototype

Tango & Cash, the buddy cop movie from 1989 isn't going to break the AFA top 100 anytime soon. But it did include one of the most badass custom vehicles that Hollywood has ever seen. Based loosely on a Chevy K1500 or 2500 (I don't remember, but Satan apparently holds the pink slip) this truck symbolizes the raw excess of testosterone that this movie aims for. This truck is among my top 5 movie/tv vehicles of all time. And yeah I'll admit to loving the movie, too.

Interestingly, they made a few of these for the movie, one had a super off-road jump suspension and there were 1-2 other vehicles. These were later refinished in powder blue and featured in the 95 minute pilot for Island City in 1994. After the show didn't get picked up the trucks were left to rot until years later when one was found and auctioned on eBay, and was later restored to near original condition.

My journey with this truck began in late 2009 with the purchase of one of the Matchbox K-1500 trucks just to see if I could do what I hoped. Once I got some rough outlines done I started purchasing as many of the trucks and parts vehicles as needed. The truck is made up of heavily modified parts from a Hot Wheels off-road Toyota and wheels from a Power Panel Van from the Delivery series.

The build was so tricky that I took time off here and there and in the end took over 2 years to complete. Once the body was finished it took me twice to get the mold right and a fair amount of tries to get 21 good casts. The gatling gun on the side was such a complex piece that it took me 4 molds to cast all the pieces. As anyone who makes molds will tell you, that's a pretty bad ratio. So many little details and undercuts! In recent builds I have been molding pegs to attach smaller parts to cars for stability, and of course for that I had to drill tiny holes wherever they go. So for this build I had to hand drill about 230 holes, paint 440 wheel lugs, 126 headlights, etc.. all by hand. I made the final push to complete the series in September-November 2012.


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