Miami Vice Crockett's Ferrari Testarossa

Base Hot Wheels 1996 Ferrari Testarossa, Maisto Testarossa
Mods Stripped/repainted
Card 4th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2011, JS0023, MV-02
Qty Made 11 incl Prototype

Let me start by saying normally I specialize in cars that were never produced. This car WAS part of the Star Cars line from Matchbox but I mean.. just look it up on eBay or something and you'll understand how I don't count that. So, so bad. Any time you have to put the show's logo on a car you've already lost.

Once I got close enough to finishing the Daytonas I decided it was appropriate to make the Testarossa as well. I never watched the show as a kid and frankly never saw the Testarossa in action til I started researching the whole thing, but I've always loved the car itself. I found a bunch of '94 Matchbox Testarossas in day-glo yellow plus two more red ones from Maisto. I noted the Maisto ones looked much nicer than the Matchbox ones (though they have the terrible wheel rattle in the package), and once I got home I did more research and found Hot Wheels released a very nicely sculpted Testarossa along with a slew of really bad ones (see the white/red comparison pic) both before AND after that one was released. I wonder if someone didn't square away the rights correctly or something. It was only released once in one color, sort of a pearl white. I bought every one of the '96 Testarossas I found on eBay for a while but still ended up using the 2 Maisto cars as well, and sold off the yellow Matchbox cars.

I felt kinda bad opening up a 15 year old toy just to tear it apart but I needed the oddly sized blister and needed the car to start out in perfect shape. Then I stripped it and painted the interior, etc and made license plates. Nothing tricky about this build except getting the body line seams painted black which took a few tries to get the method down.

Just like the Daytonas, they are individually numbered to 10. 5 were carded and 5 were reserved for the 2-packs.

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