Miami Vice Crockett's Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona Spider

Base Hot Wheels Valentine's Day Ferrari Daytona
Mods Stripped/repainted, different wheels
Card 4th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2011, JS0022, MV-01
Qty Made 11 incl Prototype

This was originally intended as a Christmas gift to my friends, just 3 made including my own. I guess I got greedy or felt people out there might really want these so I ended up scrounging up 11 cars including a few off eBay. For a short run exclusive car they had a few differences like a rose tinted windshield and slightly different colored interiors, and the first pic is of a lovely defect and poor tampo. The lace wheels were sourced from some ugly '53 Cadillac Custom that was leftover from the previous season and I had NO trouble rounding up 11 of those from stores a year after they were released.

Paint was ground off by wire wheel and all details painted by hand except my first waterslide decal for the Ferrari emblem on the hood. This came out better than expected and I plan to use those again sometime in the future. I did my normal stickers for the license plate, which was sourced from photographs of FL license plates to match the font. Yeah, it's tiny and you can barely read it but I know it's right.

While making this car I kinda felt obligated to do the Testarossa as well, and that gave me the idea for the 2-pack. I had almost finished these cars at the end of 2010 but we moved and put me behind schedule for a long while so they were finished in February 2011. 5 of these cars got individual carded treatments and 5 went to the 2-packs. If nothing else I really enjoyed doing all kinds of research on these cars (turns out the car from the show was a Corvette underneath!) and rekindling my interest in Miami Vice.

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