Miami Vice Ferrari Daytona/ Testarossa 2-Pack

Base Hot Wheels Valentines Day Daytona 365 GTB/ 1996 Testarossa
Mods See individual car pages
Box ,JS0022-23B, MV-03
Qty Made 6 Including Prototype

I am into this hobby at least halfway because I get to design my own packaging. The opportunity to do a 2-pack boxed set thrilled me to no end so I went all out. I had a Shelby 2-pack by Hot Wheels many years ago and that was the sort of thing I was going for. It was compact and to the point, and very nicely themed.

The box is priarily thick paperboard (though not the stuff I use for the cards) covered in semi-gloss laser paper. I got the clear window partly from some kind of gift box and some I got from PVC sheets at Hobby Lobby. Spray glue, E-6000 and some layering and it all came together nicely. The prototype box used thicker photo paper and it cracked at all the seams from folding, and also had a sort of street gray base for the cars. My friend had one look at that and said it needed something.. So i figured what's more 80s than a checkerboard showroom floor?

Some features of the box include mirrored walls, day-glo flourescent pink inner liner (this gives the whole inside a nice glow in the right light), and the box can be taken apart without being unsealed. The cars are mounted with wire to the checkered platform. Underneath the platform I have written the car number since you can't see it without taking the cars off. The cars are numbered through 10, so 1-5 are carded, and 6-10 are in box sets 1-5. So box #3/5 has cars #8/10 inside. Cars #8 and 9 are the Maisto Testarossas.

The success of this package made me confident that my Back to the Future III box set will turn out great as well!

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