The Road Warrior V8 Interceptor - Outback Edition

Base Hot Wheels 1973 Ford Falcol XB
Mods Custom molded rear section, front end and flares, real riders
Card 4th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2012, JS0026, MAX-02
Qty Made 11 incl Prototype

This version of the Interceptor is based on a VERY nice replica I saw online by Gordon Hayes and what I presume Max's car looked like for a few years between Mad Max and The Road Warrior. The front end has been cut for better clearance and the rear end has been fitted with huge gas storage tanks and survival gear. The passenger seat removed and replaced with a small door seat.

The rear section was scratch built out of styrene and then molded for the 2 Road Warrior builds. A spare real rider tire added authenticity to the section as well. The tiny rear flares were tricky since the whole trunk area was ground off. All the metal bodywork was done by hand with a drill and my Harbor Freight Dremel knock-off so it took several weeks and wasn't terribly fun even after just a few. Lots of hand filing for the engine hole in the hood, and I even had to add plastic back to some of the hoods to make the hole smaller and rectangular if the drill got out of alignment.

After 20 years packed away I got out my airbrush again for the 2 Road Warrior cars. This version has just a little airbrushing behind the fenders but it was good practice and added a nice touch. I wanted to keep it fairly clean but still somewhat worn so the body paint is matte black.

The interior got a treatment this time, with the passenger seat removed, glass section modified and rear deck area cut and ground down to make space for the spare tire. I also added the odd door seat which was a last minute decision along with the undercarriage pipes so they are from the same mold.

The blisters on the cards are interesting as they grip the car's front end just right and keep it from smacking around in the package. I never thought this type of blister would be useful but being in this hobby knee deep I had a bunch of the blisters available. Also note it's the first series of cars where it faces right. This is due to the car being right-hand drive. I believe that these Road Warrior cars are constructed of more parts than any other car I've made. Metal body, plastic flares, glass, interior bucket, door seat, chassis, underside pipes, front/rear axles, 2 axle spacers, rear tank piece, spare tire, and decals.

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