Jurassic Park InGen Corporate Helicopter

Base Matchbox SWAT Copter
Mods Stripped & repainted, custom decals
Card 2nd Gen card, 2008, JS0011/12, JP-03
Qty Made 11 incl Prototype

Every toy line has its black sheep, and this would be mine. With success of the JP Jeep behind me I figured I'd branch out a bit and make the InGen copter from the beginning and end of Jurassic Park. I found a pretty suitable donor vehicle, then of course finding 11 of them proved a challenge. I had to make a different sized card for them so it used up more resources and paper. I sold the first few before I realized that I'd screwed up the numbering system since I hadn't used the same card template and just forgot to check. So I recarded the rest that I had left.. I think it was 7. Sales prices didn't exactly make up for it either, as they sold for as little as $3.75 (almost as much as the base units cost). One sold for a lot but it was the exception.

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