Highwaymen 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Super Stock Hemi

Base Hot Wheels 1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Mods Full repaint and decals plus body molding, wheel swap
Card 5th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2015, JS042, HWY-01
Qty Made 27 incl 2 Prototypes

If you haven't seen this movie, then go rent it and come back.. you'll thank me. I've gone to great lengths to perfectly re-create this car from the movie, from the paint color to the accurate body stripes, front scoop, and correct wheels and white letter tires. Just a ton of work went into each car. I managed to pick up over 20 of these unfortunate Johnny Lightning Black With Flames 1970 Cudas for dirt cheap and that was my main source for the wheels. I was considering doing the '72 Cadillac from the film as well but that's sort of a long shot. The last 5 cars in this series I did as the beat up version, with a primer door and dents in the fenders.

These cars took several months for various reasons. There were just so many details, so much painting and trimming. I kept putting them off to work on easier projects.

I noticed while working on so many Cudas there were two different castings of the body! There is a distinctive -2 on the second version, and the door handles, front cowl, and tail light sections are pretty different. I didn't notice that there were more of one than another though, which I found odd.

I'm not sure these will have the mass appeal I'm hoping for but some serious collectors out there will appreciate them I'm sure! I'm also sure nobody else will make this car!

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