Fast & Furious 6 Ford Escort Mk1

Base Corgi Whizzwheels Ford Escort
Mods Wheel swap, full resin cast body, glass, chassis, interior
Card 5th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2015, JS039, FNF6-01
Qty Made 22 incl 2 Prototypes

This was a huge project! I left the theater after seeing Fast & Furious 6 wondering what that little blue car was that Brian had at the end of the film. After some research and a winning bid on eBay I had myself a vintage Corgi car to work with. I made a single prototype with full decals and everything. My biggest problem was rounding up enough of these rare and often expensive donor cars for a decent price, and after a few months I only had 4 cars. I decided to suspend the project until I could figure out another solution.

Several months later I did the DeTomaso Pantera project where I did a full resin cast of the whole car. It was very successful so that gave me the confidence to consider doing the same with the Escorts. I had one really nice donor car and a friend supplied another so I could make good glass molds and make a few metal-bodied cars. I felt a little bad melting paint off of a 40 year old car!!

I swapped the ugly wheels from the Corgis with ones from The Italian Job Morris Mini cars. They were readily available pegwarmers at many stores. I bought 12 blue cars from a single Walmart one day! I bought enough for 25 cars but only made 20 in the end. Buckshow was added to the resin chassis to give the car a bit of heft. There are 4 special cars in this series! The resin body/metal chassis cars (#2 and #16) have a M next to the serial number, and M/M for Metal body/Chassis for the 2 all-metal cars, #17 and #19.

I took my sweet time making molded parts for this car and by the time I was about 80% done with the project I saw that Hot Wheels was coming out with their own version of this car. Normally I don't repeat cars made by real manufacturers but I had already done so much work it would be a shame to just give up! Plus my cars have a LOT of extra detail, correct wheels, those odd little red knobs on the hood, correct lights in the front.. you know, stuff you'd think they'd get right.

I'm really happy with how these cars turned out. And as a bonus, I made a gold version of #4/20 to celebrate my 500th carded car!

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