Dukes of Hazzard Enos Patrol Car '77 Dodge Monaco

Base Matchbox '78 Dodge Monaco
Mods Full repaint
Card 5th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2014, JS036, DOH-01
Qty Made 21 incl Prototype

Matchbox released the first Dodge Monaco patrol cars several years ago, and I was pretty excited to see them! For years, Johnny Lightning and ERTL had been making really sub-par versions of Rosco's patrol car, using different makes and models than were in the show for most of the seasons. I made one prototype car and collected around 20 others to make my own Rosco project, which you can see the prototype here. Then Johnny Lightning released their Rosco car out of their own Dodge Monaco casting! I have never seen one in person to this day.. SO rare. I make it a point not to destroy collector value of well-made commercially licensed cars so I just kinda gave up on the project.

Several years later a client requested an Enos car, which is 99% the same as Rosco but has a different license plate. I don't know why I didn't think of it before but I did 2 just to test out my decals and paint apps, and then subsequently made an entire series. The gold Hazzard County logos were the very first thing I ever made in Adobe Illustrator years ago when I made my 1/24 scale Rosco car. Aside from cutting a LOT of very tiny SHERIFF badges for the quarter panels and all those stars it was a fairly straightforward project. No resin casting! The light bar isn't accurate but it's not horrible either.. I chose to use it.

The cars I bought all had the wrong wheels. Now when they issue these cars they have the correct ones but I had to replace EVERY set of wheels with ones from either an ambulance or similar, or the vintage style Buick police cars. And most of those wheels I had to scrape off the outer rim of chrome so it looked like the traditional 'dog dish' rims. Beyond that I made spacers to keep the wheel width looking correct. The current issue cars have a VERY narrow set of wheels for some reason.

I knocked these out in just about 3 weeks and I think they came out really well! I have plans (in my head at least) for other Hazzard County cars. Y'all keep an eye out!

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