Back to the Future III Marty McFly's Toyota Truck

Base Matchbox 1985 Toyota 4-Runner
Mods Chopped rear, scratch-built bed, custom clear glass, real rider tires
Card 4th Gen card w/rounded corners & punch, 2011, JS0024, BTTF-06
Qty Made 21 incl Prototype

Marty's pickup truck from Back to the Future didn't get a whole lot of screen time, but its distinctive options set and it being a key part in realizing the future changed for the better cemented it in the hearts of millions of BTTF fans. The truck really got to shine for part III with an actual action scene so that's why I decided the card should be part of the Part III product line.

For whatever reason the Xtra Cab never got a die cast release so the moment Matchbox came out with their '85 Toyota 4-Runner I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I haven't done a full scratch build yet so my minimum was at least having the front end to start with. Marty's truck was a total dream project from the time I started doing customs so I'm glad I didn't have to start scrach building a whole truck!

The truck was drilled apart and the body cut and sliced up to give it the appearance of an xtra cab space behind the door. I scratch built the whole bed, tailgate, and xtra cab section from styrene and filled up the sunroof hole. This took several weeks of careful work but it's usually my favorite part of any build. I made it all fit back onto the original chassis also. The whole new body was then molded and cast in resin.

The cockpit glass was rather tricky. I used an original windshield and scratch built the rest including the little side windows and rear glass section. Once smooth and sanded I molded this whole part in clear resin, which requires longer stays in the pressure chamber. Once it snapped in it doesn't come out! I actually broke a few bodies this way, but they were probably not molded correctly since the fit was fairly precise.

Wheels were from Delivery series Bell GMC motorhomes. I got 3 axles out of each car purchase so that was a nice bargain. The front, rear and roll cage were all scratch built from styrene rod and then molded. For the first time I actually made little molded pegs and drilled holes in the body to attach the accessories. I learned from the JP Explorers and Nedry Jeeps that parts will fall off in the package in transit. To date, this truck has the most molded pieces of any build so far with a total of 4 molds for 5 parts. The pic of the front and rear bars you can see how thin the material is when pulled out of the mold.

The first one of these completed went up for auction at for charity and sold for a mere $30. A few weeks later I sold one on eBay for $225 and gave 25% of that to the Michael J. Fox foundation. Funny how that works out.

Cars numbered 1-15 are carded normally, and the last 5 are set aside for an upcoming 3-pack with a Rolls-Royce and Needles' Truck.

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