Back to the Future III Hilldale Showdown 3-Pack

Base Matchbox 1985 Toyota 4-Runner, Matchbox 1985 Rolls Royce, Hot Wheels 4th of July 2009 Texas Drive 'Em
Mods See individual pages for modifications
Box Jewel case box with custom outer sleeve, 2012, JS0028, BTTF-07
Qty Made 6 incl Prototype

So long in the making it's hard to remember it all. Sometime in mid 2009 I had the idea for this 3 pack of Marty's truck, Needles' truck, and the infamous white Rolls Royce. Luckily I was able to find a dead match for the Rolls in a vintage Matchbox car, but collecting 5 of them was a bit time consuming even on eBay. Then as luck would have it, Hot Wheels released the Texas Drive 'Em truck for 4th of July 2009. That's 2 out of 3! And just to top it off, Matchbox released the 1985 4-Runner just in time for me to customize into Marty's truck!

I reserved the last 5 Needles and Marty's trucks for this 3-pack, along with all 5 Rolls Royces. The Rolls-Royces were a lot of work to restore. You can see the condition they usually arrived in. Only one was mint and nice, the others looked like they'd been owned by evil children. Rusty and crusty and even one was hand painted gold. Donor wheels were taken from Matchbox Lesney Edition VW Things. After a few coats of white paint, I applied chrome detail with Bare Metal Foil. Tons of work but man do these cars shine!

Several months after Marty's trucks were completed I finally buckled down to work on the 3-packs. The enclosures are for 1/32 scale cars and I modified the original package the jewel box came in to become the outer sleeve. Layering and spray glue and lots of planning involved there. My proto came out a little rough but the 5 production sets came out awesome. Interesting to note, the jewel box packaging came in two styles, where the side flaps open at the bottom and out of 6 purchased, 2 of them opened on top of one side and bottom of the other side. Very odd. The backdrop is a modified street view of how the real intersection looks today. (I added the Hilldale sign back in.)

For those of you going "hey, where is the little blue QC sticker?" Well, I kind of made an error that I'm not proud of on the printing, so I can't wholeheartedly give the QC of approval. It wasn't discovered til after it was all done and I'm not planning to fix it so there. And no, you're going to have to figure it out yourself.

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