Arizona DeLorean Club Holiday Party Exclusive 2009

Base Hot Wheels 1981 DeLorean DMC-12
Mods None
Card 3rd Gen card, 2009, JS0016, AZ-D 01
Qty Made 30, no prototype

Hot Wheels finally relased my favorite car in the world, the DeLorean. I can't believe I had to wait til I was over 30 for it to happen but they did a very nice job of it. Our Arizona DeLorean Club has an annual holiday party and since the car was due out around that time I figured I'd make a nice exclusive recard. Trick was getting the cars in time. A few of us ordered directly from DMC Houston in large quantities. The cars arrived 2 days before the event, and I had the backer cards all ready for mating. Everyone at the event loved the cars, and we had a couple left over that we passed on to various kingpins in the DeLorean community.

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