Arizona DeLorean Club Holiday Party Exclusive 2010

Base Hot Wheels 1981 DeLorean DMC-12
Mods None
Card 4rth Gen card, 2010, JS0020, AZ-D 02
Qty Made 25, no prototype

Hot Wheels continues to release more DeLorean variations and since our Arizona DeLorean Club had an upcoming 15th anniversary it seemed appropriate for another round of giveaway cars. This time the gold car was featured, including the original ad that ran in the 1981 American Express catalog. They made 2 real 24k gold D's and a third was created with the spare set of panels. Pretty amazing. Everyone at the event loved the cars, and we gave some of the leftovers to the same various heads of power in the DeLorean community. These and the original AZ-D car were not individually numbered. A variation on the card exists where the date appears above the punch on 4 cards and the rest have it in the top left corner. Call it rare if you want, but it was a running production change after cutting it too close with the hole punch.

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