DeLorean Passenger Kneepad Fix


Swear Meter Reading of 9: Most uncomfortable position yet found in the car, major disassembly required

My interior is in pretty nice shape by most standards.  Only two things really kept it from being perfect, one was the shift boot and the other was that the passenger side kneepad was coming unwrapped. I decided to fix the kneepad first thinking it was easier. HA!

It's truly amazing how much of the car I had to take apart to fix this thing.  Here I've had the car for about a week or so - my dream of 20 years straight - and I've now removed the glove box lid, glove box, a/c duct, and eventually yes, even the kneepad itself. Laying upside down to get to these insane nuts was really getting to me.

There are 6 nuts holding it in place.  I don't remember the size at the time I'm writing this but it took both a socket set and open end wrenches to get them all. They are also nyloc nuts so they're a little tougher to remove. Once I got it out of the car and into my kitchen, it didn't get much easier. The vinyl had become unglued and just sort of unwrapped off the frame in two places.  The frame is made of some kind of plastic with a foam piece for padding. I had to warm up the vinyl with heat and steam so I could stretch it back to where it was supposed to go.  I affixed it with my favorite adhesive, E-6000.  It's clear, strong and slightly rubbery when dry. I also used a stapler, vise-grips and, as it seems, a Tolberone wrapper to keep everything clamped in place long enough to be permanent.

Reinstalling was just as much of a pain, if not more. I'm just glad I remembered where all the screws went. It's all worth it though, it still looks great after several months now.