Steelskin's DeLorean Restoration & Maintenance

Last Updated 8/6/2007

This page is for documentation of my work on VIN #5572.

Procedures are explained in narrative form with pictures for reference.

These guides were written to help do-it-yourselfers with little mechanical experience (like me)

No expertise is implied in these writings - if you're unsure of what you're doing, ask someone for help!

You'll notice my "Swear Meter" on these pages.  This represents a difficulty level, i.e. how much you'll be swearing at your beloved car.

Preview Photo Date Completed Brief Description
8/6/2005 Passenger Side Kneepad Unwrapping Fix
8/14-26/2005 Roof Seal Replacement
8/27/2005 Replaced Fuel Pump, Baffle and Hoses
8/31/2005 Headliner Removal & Extra Roof Wiring
1/30/2006 Lower Coolant Hoses Replacement
1/27/2006 Product Review: PJ Grady Stainless Steel Closing Plate
3/28/2006 Mode Switch Seal Replacement
4/4/2006 Rear Speakers Replacement
4/6/2006 Fuel Filter Replacement
4/10/2006 Product Review: DashMat Dashboard Cover
5/2/2006 Front Speakers Replacement
5/29/2006 Product Review: D-Shine car polish
8/8/2006 Brake Fluid Reservoir Inspection/Clean
8/21/2006 Antenna Fuse Holder Repair