DeLorean Roof Harness and Rear Headliner


Swear Meter Rating of 6: Frustration Level high for what may never be used

As much fun as I was having tearing apart my roof to fix the roof seals, I figured I'd do some "while you're in there" kinds of stuff. One thing that was suggested was to run wires to the extra part of the roof harness that wasn't used.  Apparently as legend goes, the DeLorean was supposed to have heated power mirrors but the heated part fell through. Probably for the best, I can just imagine our electric system loving that. Well the wiring system that goes from the doors to the roof has an extra wire that goes unused from the roof to the rest of the car. The only access to this wire is from the little panel atop the roof under the T-Panel.

With the T-Panel removed:

1. Remove weatherproof tape and cut along the RTV seal to free up small closing plate

2. Wiggle out roof harness and expose harness plugs.

3. Look for unused wire that goes into the doors but doesn't have a corresponding wire in the rest of the harness. There's one on each side.

4. Remove rear headliner. This is somewhat of a process in itself, which you can look up in the workshop manual or elsewhere online.

5. Look at the second picture below, the point where the wires go into the roof section is where you need to poke through with something firm.  I used a coat hanger. I pushed it thorough to the center of the box where I attached the wire.  I used 16 gauge wire that I bought from JC Whitney a while back - I believe it's a common wire size. I suggest starting with a lot of wire and loop it over so by the time you get it through you've already got two wires up to the harness. At the junction box snip the wire to make two. Crimp and/or solder connections that mate with the wire harness. Mark and test wires to figure out which goes to which side.  I marked my "R"ight side with "R"ed permanent marker.  I hope I remember that someday.

Run wire neatly along with other wires down to the relay compartment. You will likely have to remove the rear panel, it just pulls forward after you've taken down the netting. You now have a set of wires that will go all the way to the inside of the doors. What you do with this is up to you, I've heard it's handy for door launchers or maybe even (gasp) heated mirrors. Not much call for that in Arizona but to each their own. Seal up that top panel with RTV and more weatherproof tape. Secure the roof wiring with tape and reattach headliner piece.

Congrats on taking advantage of yet another bit of DeLorean electrical weirdness! Here's a pic of where the newly run line terminates inside the door: