DeLorean Front Dash Speakers Replacement

Completed: 5-2-2006

Swear Meter Rating of 5: Uncomfortable Positions, General Frustration

I'd heard all kinds of stories about how horrible it is to replace the dash speakers on the DeLorean. I was determined not to let it get me down.  I read about the follies of those before me and I decided to take steps to make it an easier procedure.

The reasons for difficulty are many. First off, these buggers are way under there, in the corners to boot. Second, they are secured to the dashboard by the smallest studs known to the auto industry, a paltry 3/4" long. Third, they're secured by a #7 nyloc nut and a tiny washer, and between the speaker and the dash is yet another washer. The speaker is heavy and magnetic.  All this adds up to chaos.

Removing the old speaker is cake. A #7 socket and an extension piece for my 1/4" drive ratchet and handle, took no time to remove. I didn't even have to get under the dash because I used a little mirror and a floodlight. One of the washers was sort of pressed into the dashboard, the other came down with the speaker. Which gave me an idea... To take a bit of frustration off my hands I applied a bit of E-6000 glue to the washer and glued it to the dashboard.  Zing!

The original Craig speaker I removed was in good shape, it just sounded sorta tinny, especially with my new Rear Speakers. Choosing new front speakers is tricky, since the old ones basically mounted flush with the dash. Most modern front 3.5" speakers have a separate tweeter unit that sticks out pretty far. Adjusting for a spacer is tough because of the short posts.

My new speakers of choice are Boston 3.5" with some kind of liquid filled tweeter.  I totally didn't belive the salesman but they looked like they'd fit, and I later confirmed his story online. Normally this is the kind of thing I'd buy online (like everything else) but I really wanted them "that day" so I coughed up real $ for them.

I cut little circular spacers from styrene stock for the speakers to compensate for the height difference, and probably in my best move ever I glued the washers to the nyloc nuts. Fewer pieces to drop - I love it! Installing the new speakers wasn't quite as easy as I thought but wasn't such a shouting match as I'd anticipated either. For the passenger side I got upside-down in the floorboard for a few minutes and secured the speaker with one post then the other.  Dropped the nut maybe once or twice but nothing awful.

The driver's side was another story, I couldn't very well get under the dash there since there was a steering wheel in my way. So I used the mirror trick, which worked great for the most part, and I just had to sort of feel my way through the procedure. The power connectors just slipped right on and it was time to rock out. I made sure the dashboard wasn't being pressured when they were installed, since this leads to cracking. All in all, this took about 45 minutes to complete.