Product Review: D-Shine

Applied: 5-29-2006

Swear Meter Rating of 2: Easy to use, but lots of work!

In our AZ-D club there's one guy whose car is undoubtedly shinier than the rest, and it just makes me drool. He finally got enough supply together to start sellig his secret weapon against oxidation, calling it D-Shine. D-Shine is actually Speedy Metal Polish but same difference, the stuff really works.

One ungodly hot day in late May I got a wild hair and started to use this stuff. How hot you say? My atomic clock reads temperatures up to 99.9 degrees indoors. It read "???" that night, so something over 100. It's a wonder I didn't pass out. Applied with a small army of shop towels, I went with the grain and put a coat of polish on my right front fender. I let it dry for a few minutes, at which time it turned almost BLACK. Apparently I had some oxidation to get rid of. Much polishing later the first round was done.

Each panel I did on the car took 3 applications.  After the 3rd application I cleaned it all off with Windex. It took me a few days to do the whole car. But You can see in the pictures the difference in color and shine. This stuff took off literally everything from the stainless, including some long-standing marks that looked like burns or laser blasts.

The only downside is if you start, you pretty much have to do the whole car.

Bob has this for sale on our club website, click here to check it out.