Product Review: DashMat Dashboard Cover

Installed: 4-10-2006

Swear Meter Rating of 1: Slight Mis-fit and now my custom cut sun visor doesn't fit

Looking forward to the future I decided to do myself a favor and get a DashMat. I normally don't like the things but this is my baby, and I've heard what one has to do to replace the dashboard/binnacle. I don't think my swear meter goes that high. So as some preventative maintenance I ordered a DashMat.

My thoughts on this were twofold: First, a windshield sun blocker is only good when the car is parked.  Longer drives around town and whatnot leave the dashboard in the sun. I don't consider this as much of an issue in the winter, but summer's coming up soon. Second, I often park at my office for a short time, maybe 15 minutes or something.  Hardly worth the trouble of putting up my sun screen.

Daniel Fox of the AZ-D mentioned that they were available at Checker, but I decided to head it off at the source. The website is actually but I just typed in and I was all set. The company has 4 different kinds of mats, I went with the basic DashMat since I didn't think velour would really "go" with the interior all that well. #47 Gray is a reasonable match to the interior carpeting.  Probably moreso than some of the other colors. Here's some pics of it installed:

The mat was $44.20 with shipping. A bargain at twice the price, with my meager sewing skills I could never have fashioned such a thing. It comes with little velcro strips which honestly I think defeats the purpose of preserving your dashboard, and it fits pretty well without using them. If you jam the thing up in the corners well enough the instrument cluster holds it in place pretty well. The part that goes over the center console doesn't exactly fit perfectly and overlaps with the glove box flap but it's stopped bothering me by now. Sound comes right through it since it's just carpeting so there's no reason to have holes cut out for the speakers.

Available online at

Color: #47 Gray